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Is sustainability on your business agenda? Do you wish to make your custom printed shipping boxes more eco-friendly? In that case, you can always make your CBD boxes with some simple considerations.

Curious to know what these are?

Let us dive right into it.

Ways to make greener packaging boxes

Numerous modern custom options allow sellers to make cleaner and biodegradable boxes for their CBD items. If customer surveys are to be believed, as high as 55% of customers prefer buying from brands that offer recyclable boxes. That is quite a high percentage!

  1. Share recycling tips

CBD boxes represent your brand. If you wish to make them seem eco-friendly, encouraging customers to reuse the boxes can work effectively.

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A good method is placing informative stickers and labels printed with engaging texts and artistic graphics. Even though recycling opportunities vary from place to place, it works to give tips on various possibilities for reusing and recycling. Customers love seeing their choice of brands being sound of their ethics. They are prone to reorder from the brand on a loop.

  1. Go for sustainable box materials

If you want to lower your brand’s carbon footprints, consider using sustainable materials. Cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated stock paper are popular in this regard. They can be molded into different shapes that are often reusable and recyclable.

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Moreover, they are flexible yet strong enough to provide the desired product protection. They are a good alternative to plastic containers or non-sustainable box materials. Most of the boxes offered today contain stock paper that can easily be recycled. If you wish to get these too, be aware of the quality of the materials. You can also get box paper that is made of recycled corrugated and cardboard, further reducing the negative impact on the climate.

  1. Customize the box dimensions

One other innovative way to be eco-friendly is to use smaller box sizes. Customized dimensions ensure that the fragile CBD items fit well with the products and save on using extra packaging materials too.

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Box fillings are often made with non-sustainable materials. Lowering their usage is bound to make your packaging comply with ‘green’ packaging guidelines. Moreover, fitter boxes are better at protecting items during transit. Fewer inner fillings mean less box weight and decreased shipping freights.

Crafting quirky shapes is also going to fix the products in place while innovatively saving on materials and excess box space.

  1. Order samples before the actual batch

Consider ordering different samples of the boxes. You can print them and craft them using varied materials and design choices to judge which one would fit better with your marketing objectives.

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It is also an effective method to reduce errors and possible mistakes. A lot of box order quantities are discarded due to typing and graphical errors. Creating samples is a good way to reduce waste. It would work to save on costs too.

Additionally, you can try to fit your products in the sample custom printed shipping boxes when they arrive. This way, you would know if the box dimensions are appropriate enough and if there is room for further customization. It is a far better way of using limited resources while addressing eco-concerns.

  1. Avoid unwanted packaging materials

There are several creative ways that can reduce the need for extra fillings, paper, and custom box components.

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For example, using thicker boxes can alternate for packaging fillers. Coming up with quirky box designs rather than putting in extra box materials to improve the unboxing experience, etc.

Here are some more ideas to help you avoid unnecessary packaging:

  • Lessen the number of paper inserts or select recyclable materials.
  • Print on the boxes directly to save on individual paper notes.
  • Opt for digital purchase receipts and order summaries.
  • Use different box spots including the bottom and sides.

You can also focus on the industry norms and how other CBD sellers are saving on materials and minimizing their carbon footprints.

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custom printed shipping boxes

  1. Group purchases

As part of a sustainable brand strategy, persuade your customers to make multiple purchases in one go rather than placing individual orders. A discount on bulk purchases and/or offering limited-time price cuts on CBD products can work to encourage buyers. Ultimately, when customers make larger purchases, you wouldn’t be needing more boxes and fillers for packaging.

Unfortunately, shipping takes up fuel that is harmful to the environment. Lessing the amount of boxes delivered is a good way to reduce transport too. Your brand can enhance sales as well as adopt stronger sustainable practices by convincing buyers to buy more at once rather than place smaller orders.

  1. Pick a reliable packaging supplier
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Getting closer to achieving sustainability depends on your packaging partner. Ensure that the box manufacturers you pick have the most modern printing press and design techniques. These are not limited to just beautifying the boxes but also crafting them using eco-friendly ethics.

Specialist box engineers are equipped to use biodegradable box accessories to reduce harmful effects on the environment. They create boxes with minimal wastage and recommend the ideal measurements that are perfect to protect the products and reduce the use of box paper.

Well-crafted boxes are more likely to last longer. About 1 in 2 customers said that they are willing to pay more for sustainable boxes. It shows just how popular sustainable boxes are among customers! But it doesn’t mean that buyers would settle for low-quality boxes that may damage sensitive CBD items while in transit.

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Box engineers have extensive experience in managing the product specifications and creating these with just the right amount of materials and accessories. Handles, seals, and even box locks are made of sustainable materials to enhance product protection while radiating a favorable and responsible brand aura. So, you can actually get all the desired customer attention and be environmentally conscious at the same time!


Contemporary custom printed shipping boxes design tips make it possible to comply with sustainability goals without comprising the box quality or brand appeal.


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