8 Foods to Restore Sexual Vitality & Increase Sperm Count

Today 1 in 8 men is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Causes for the same are the sedentary lifestyle, lack of awareness about sexual health, poor eating habits, alcohol consumption, and more. Improving lifestyle and putting a tab on alcohol consumption and smoking is certainly beneficial. Along with this, one can include certain foods in their diet that improve the sexual health and enhance sexual vitality. These foods will provide your body with the required nutrition boost your immunity and provide you with needed energy.


Popeye used it for instant power and nutrition; you too can use it for the same. It is packed with folate, which is a blood flow booster, thus it plays an important role in sexual functioning. By increasing the folic acid levels, one can effectively fight erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction also can be treated by Kamagra, A FDA certified ED medication in UK. Additionally, it has magnesium that boosts blood flow and considerably increases testosterone levels.

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Numerous women have shared that having a good cup of coffee is as relieving & soothing as an orgasm. Whereas, a study in 3,000 men has resulted that men who have 85-300 mg per day of coffee consumption experienced erectile dysfunction lesser than the men who did not consume coffee between 85-300 mg. Essentially, having a cup of coffee makes one alert and boosts their blood flow.


As per a saying, an apple a day keeps a doctor away. It is due their all-around health benefits. Apples are immensely beneficial for prostate health as well. Apple peels have the active compound ursolic acid that starves prostate cancer cells and prevents those from growing. Apples also contain the compound phloridzin, which is similar to the female sex hormone estradiol, which plays an important role in female arousal.

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Being rich in vitamin E, Avocados improve sperm quality and heal infertility. It also contains zinc that provides stamina during sexual activity; improves sperm quality and testosterone production.

Chili peppers:

A small research claims that men who consumed spicy food had higher testosterone levels in their saliva than those who prefer mild flavored food. It is due to the presence of the chemical capsaicin that stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers, improves mood, and works as an aphrodisiac.


Carrots have been recommended as a potent benefactor in traditional therapies for improving sperm count. In addition to this, it enhances motility (movement & swimming of sperms) owing to its carotenoids content.

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The famous morning breakfast is not just good for digestion, but it also renders sexual health benefits. These contain amino acid L-arginine that effectively boosts blow flow to the penis to treat ED and enhances testosterone levels as well.


This juicy fruit has high nutrition value and contains anti-oxidants that serve numerous health benefits for generic health, sexual health, fertility, and prostate health.

The benefits of these foods have been found based on limited research, but they are free from side effects and are minimally processed foods.

While consuming vegetables and fruits on an everyday basis, certainly improves the health condition, energy level, and mood. However, in case of an inability in gaining or sustaining an erection, one can temporarily take the help of Kamagra pills UK, which belong to the category of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors. These essentially relax the blood vessels and support the flow of blood towards the genitals during the sexual activity to help man gain an erection. In addition to this, its effect last for 3-4 hours thus, it assures complete sexual gratification. However, sexual stimulation is still require. For better results, it is recommend to have it on empty stomach or after a light meal for it to fully work.

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