Damascus Knife
Damascus Knife

Damascus knives are very comfortable and durable. Due to the special properties of the material from which it is made, it does not deteriorate, crack and fade over time.

These properties are still valuable today. From the rest of the information, Jamdani Steel was first discovered in the time of Alexander the Great. The Indian king had a shield made of Damascus near Badshahpur. And his soldiers are carrying the sword of Damascus.

The original date of the name

The original name “Damascus Blade” comes in several versions:

  • The word “Damascus” in Arabic means “water” because the shape of the blade is wavy. Steel’s name can therefore be associated with this feature.
  • Islamic scholars say the blade was made in Damascus and is called “Damascus”.
  • It is believed that the blade was made by an arms dealer in Damascus. Hence the name Steel Origin

Today we do not know which version is correct. But the uniqueness and uniqueness of Damascus Steel are still preserved in our day. Which was especially appreciated by both professional and expert hunters.

Damascus Steel Characteristics

Consider the features of the Damascus blade that make the weapon unique and durable.


The product is designed comprehensively without unnecessary decoration. Usually a wooden handle, metal or plastic, with a flexible rubber grip that you hold firmly in your hand. The knife has a subtle shape and a very sharp blade. Agile and flexible, it is a very versatile and useful tool for everyday use.


High strength values ​​provide the knife’s best impact strength and flexibility. Different hardened steels are used depending on the purpose of the knife. Today, Damascus knives are divided into kitchen, hunting, folding, unique, and universal.

Knives will last a long time with proper use. After decades, expensive and high-quality products retain their properties. The advantage of steel is that it is not boring.

We also invite you to find out if Damascus steel is suitable for fencing.

Content and storage features

As a rule, Damascus kitchen knives are treated with a wear-resistant coating that protects the blade surface from abrasion and abrasion. But it is worth noting that steel is oxidized when it comes in contact with certain products and substances. To prevent this from happening. You should clean the product on time. It is not recommended to cut the food on the kitchen board with a Damascus knife as it may become dull.

Damascus knives should be kept clean in a dry place, preferably in a sheath or pouch. If there is excess moisture in the storage room, the blade should be lubricated with oil or petroleum jelly from time to time.

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