Diet and nutrition are essential factors in preparing the body for childbirth, and Diet and nutrition also seems important to wear male partners. Fertility diets are not just for women.

Some stores can improve sperm quantity and quality, while others can cause damage. And if you did not know, a person is considered to have an abnormal amount of sperm if he or she has less than 39 million sperm per ejaculation. Diet and nutrition may seem like a lot, but given how far they have to travel, they don’t have much. Point? She needs to consider her diet so that it does not interfere with her chances of getting pregnant. However, keep in mind that any concerns about fertility should be discussed with your doctor.

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Watermelon is one of the richest natural sources of L-citrulline, an essential organic compound that converts your body to L-arginine in your body. And it is L-arginine that will help make erection harder. Like a small blue pill, L-arginine accelerates gas production, increases blood circulation to the male organ, and strengthens erections.


If you prefer the right food for your friends – sweet and spicy – you are in luck. Ginger is a supplement that improves your physical life by supporting blood circulation and improving arterial health.


Oysters have a long reputation as a food with aphrodisiac properties. Scientific findings suggest that the explanation for the properties of such aphrodisiac actions is that oysters contain high levels of zinc. Zinc is believed to increase blood circulation, improve blood circulation to the genitals, and regulate testosterone levels. Deficiency disrupts serum testosterone and may impair parthenogenesis. Because zinc cannot be stored within the anatomy, it is needed daily by food.

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Oysters are the main food deprived of zinc known as they contain 900% of your daily value per 100 mg. However, if you are not an oyster fan, lobster, crab, red meat and poultry can provide you with enough zinc.

Power pills and medications – do they give erection, and when should you use them?

Erectile dysfunction or other problems related to physical performance affect an excessive proportion of men.

Studies show that men of all ages have problems maintaining their appearance or erection, and it is more common after androgynous.

Erection and maintenance are vital elements for a man’s sexual health – whether achieved through orgasm (ejaculation) through sex or caresses or just curls.

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Erectile dysfunction can occur at different ages, but it is rarely controversial in itself – many diseases can cause erection problems. Then potency disorders become a disturbed symptom.


On the other hand, a “masculine” culture does not make it easier for many men to realize that they do not always have 100% hard erection or that ejaculation can happen to anyone.

That’s why many men ignore male erectile dysfunction or do not seek medical help – and this can be a huge mistake as other conditions that can be treated for erectile dysfunction can lead to erectile dysfunction problems. improve sexual quality. .

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The immediate – and sometimes limitless – solution for many men is the powerful drugs Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100, which (thanks to the ingredients involved) cause erection and preservation of erection.

Find out when to reach for erection pills, why you should always see a doctor, and when you can have an honest conversation or change your lifestyle instead of potency medication.


One or two alcoholic beverages are fine, but 14 drink combinations per week can lower testosterone levels and affect sperm count. Studies show that constant drinking (five glasses or more over two hours) also has a detrimental effect on sperm.

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Changing her diet and eating habits is not a simple task. But when the big picture is about bringing a baby to the planet and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, it’s much easier to seduce.

Male impotence disorders – causes

A number of factors can influence a man’s impotence dysfunction. By reducing them, we have the opportunity to improve our physical performance.

Inadequate diet

To improve efficiency, you need to consider the right diet and Aurogra 100. Below you will find a list of recommended ingredients for maintaining sexual fitness. I can now mention products that should avoid the development of construction problems.

Too much sugar

Sugar should be restricted in all diets. A high-sugar diet lowers gonadotropic hormones (a group of hormones that interfere with the function of the gonads, or ovaries and testicles). In short, upset hormones alter the balance between testosterone and estrogen.

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