Know All About Synthetic Stone: Opalite

Opal is natural whereas synthetic stone-like opalite is a kind of glass resin that perfectly resembles opal so that to the untrained eye, it can easily be confused with the precious gemstone which is formed in nature. The meaning of Opalite is connected to fresh starts, and many people are looking with new interest at Opalite for its healing properties. People making a fresh start with crystals often get confused when it comes to the difference between opalite and opal.

Opalite isn’t a precious gemstone but it does have similarities to opal. Synthetic gemstones such as opalite are artificially created gemstones. Opalite crystals have different metaphysical properties that affect everything around you, from your health and wealth to your relationships.

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Synthetic Opalite much like natural Opal

Many people are inclined to think that synthetic jewelry is fake jewelry but synthetic doesn’t mean fake when we’re talking about gemstones. Lab-created opalites have the same chemical and physical properties as natural opal.

Synthetic means that people use chemicals that, in the ideal environment, become crystals of just about the same structure as natural crystals. So essentially, a synthetic stone such as opalite is a man-made substance but with much the same chemical composition and physical properties as the natural gem.

What you need to know about synthetic stone is that it isn’t from nature but is essentially produced in a laboratory. This is in spite of its characteristics being the same as natural opal.

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Each crystal produced in a lab is unique because different chemicals and equipment are used. Each crystal-development process will produce different results in terms of shape, color, inclusions, etc.

So the beautiful opalite is an artificial crystal that cleverly copies the appearance of natural opal. Those who love opal but can’t afford it can now have something that is virtually the real thing.

Opalite comes in beautiful milky shades such as soft pink, lavender, some green, blue and yellow. Opal is a gemstone and it was believed for a long time to be the most precious of gems. This is because it had so many colors from other gemstones.

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But opalite can be confusing. When you do research you find that opalite isn’t always man-made. Natural opalite is a kind of common opal that is actually fairly abundant in the world. Man-made opalite is often advertised as opalite without any kind of explanation that it is man-made. These common opals don’t show that magical play of color that the opal gemstone does. Natural opalite isn’t usually faceted but there are some stones that have a gorgeous creamy shade and also a luster that makes one think of the moon.

People wear opal because of its strong meanings

People love wearing opalite because of its meaning. It’s a stone that encourages lightheartedness and it’s one of the reasons that sales for opalite increased significantly during the peak of the pandemic. People were feeling depressed because of the lockdown and they wanted something that could lift their spirits and embrace a new beginning.

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Opalite can help balance the circulatory and respiratory systems and this also made it a sought-after crystal as many people battled with breathing issues. For emotional healing, the crystal is known to reduce sadness and calm the troubled spirit.

The power of crystals is nothing new

Crystal healing has been around for a long time and people have long known the power of crystals. In modern times, man has simply created new crystals and opalite is a man-made stone that it thought to be a super energy crystal.

So when you need to know how opal and opalite are different, remember that opalite is man-made glass and not considered a gemstone. There are sellers who claim that the glass-like stones they have in their possession are natural and that they have healing properties. Whatever the stone is, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

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Know what you’re getting with your opalite

The truth is – opalite isn’t opal but it does have a gorgeous physical appearance and transparency that shows no inclusions. Given as a gift it casts out negativity in a person and replaces it with positivity and energy.

Don’t be scammed by people selling stones that aren’t what they’re claimed to be. You need to know that opal and opalite are two different things, even if it’s just a slight difference.


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