The bracket color of your braces can make a big difference in how people perceive your teeth, so you should pick the right color if you want to look as good as possible. To help you make this decision, here are some general guidelines on what colors go with different skin tones and advice on choosing the right shade based on your unique features. For more information, contact your local orthodontist’s office or read the orthodontist reviews online to see which one will work best for you!


Can Braces Change Your Smile?

Many people who have braces complain that they don’t get many compliments on their smile. When you have braces, your teeth will look different than they did before you got them. This can be a source of anxiety and embarrassment, as well as self-consciousness, especially if you are getting ready to meet someone new. Wearing red and black braces helps give a more natural smile appearance because it blends in with your teeth bracket color, making it more discrete to anyone looking at your smile. Red and black are also not super bright colors like other colors of braces which tend to catch attention and make people notice you more for all of the wrong reasons!

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What Colors Are Available?

Most braces are offered in various shades of metal that fall along a spectrum from gray to silver to white. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you might want to opt for just a bit of bracket color, like a hint of gold or a smattering of pink; alternatively, you can go all out with red or black braces. Keep in mind that cosmetic appeal plays only one role in choosing color—the other major factor is protection against staining and discoloration, as well as durability and wear-and-tear. Some colors are more resistant than others when it comes to retaining their original luster over time and resisting daily wear and tear.

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What Color Should You Pick?

White, red, blue and black are common color options. Pick based on your personality. If you’re going to wear braces, why not have them match something else in your outfit? It might be hard to break up with your clunky metal braces when you first get them, but in a few months you won’t even notice them after they are fitted with clear liners. Don’t pick white if you plan on wearing a lot of dark clothing while they’re in; go with red instead.


Can You Change It Later?

If you’re considering getting braces, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to which color is best. It seems like an important choice, but that’s not always true. Most people are surprised to learn that your orthodontist can change your braces later if needed; it’s definitely something worth looking into. Sometimes, a dentist will recommend black or clear braces as a short-term solution and provide another option if needed later on in treatment. In any case, be sure to have a frank discussion with your doctor about what your options are down the road—you might be surprised by how much more flexible they are than you think!

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Does Color Really Matter?

Most people only consider a color option when it comes to braces because, after all, red and black braces are what your parents would pick out when you were a kid. But color can be a good thing — especially in regard to how it makes you feel.  We’re not just talking about teeth-whitening effects either; think comfort, style and even appearance. If you’re having trouble picking out which color is right for you. Talk to your dentist about what options are available. Or try one on with our new Select A Smile® Preview Kit to see which one feels best.

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Why White Can’t Be Beat (For Now)

Let’s face it, white has been crowned as king. White teeth are considered more youthful and beautiful than yellowed teeth. Which is why most people make sure to whiten their teeth. However, wearing white braces can cause your teeth to appear darker in photos and even affect your speech. These flaws can ruin an otherwise great smile! So what should you do? Try a different color: The best braces colors are those that work with your unique set of pearly whites and don’t clash with your skin tone or clothing choices. We suggest a light blue or pink color because. They complement white well while still being bright enough to stand out from a distance.

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