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Ray Mirra Jr has done it all in the world of sports. Apart from writing he was also a sportswriter, radio director and analyst for football matches. He started his career as a sportswriter at 12 when he interviewed players. He admired the sportswriters of that time who were giving live updates to the game on radio. Holding a degree in Communication Studies and Journalism, Mirra worked with many newspapers like Baltimore Sun, Miami Herald, as well as ESPN and Fox Sports Net. Ray Mirra Jr has been a sportswriter since a young age but he hardly stays in one place. The writer is a man of heart and words; therefore, his mind refuses to move with any job for long. He has dedicated most part of his life writing about sports for different radio stations and news papers.

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Sports journalist

A keen observer of the industry and its players from every angle, Mirra has covered four Super Bowls and three World Series as well as several NCAA Final Fours, college bowl games, and other major sporting events both in print and for radio. The writer is also an author who has penned down four nonfiction football books based on Big Ten Conference, NFL Draft, the World Football League, and draft evaluation. If you are one of those fans who are interested in knowing about all the latest news about the upcoming season and players, the odds of winning or losing, rankings and other topics related to football; then you need to get in touch with Ray Mirra Jr . He is a sports journalist who will guide you on how to make the most out of your sports writing experience.

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From writing articles on newspaper sites to ghostwriting books, Ray Mirra Jr has been a part of it. To have him as your ghostwriter will mean many great things for your book. Throughout his professional career — as a sportswriter, screenwriter and radio host — Ray Mirra Jr has been involved in sports. His writing career started at the quarter back position of his football team. Ray Mirra Jr. has always been a fan of football and the way to express his enthusiasm for the game was at early age itself by writing about it.

Ray Mirra Jr

Daily News

He got his first job as a sports reporter in 1994 when he joined the Philadelphia Daily News. But that was not the end of his journey. He continued to shine as a sportswriter and one of his top works came out when he was just 27 years old. He wrote about a team of NFL players who were fighting for their rights after suffering a severe injury on the field. It was not just the fun in reporting or his passion for sports that made him go for the story. He loved those players who stood for something but there was something far more important too, “certainly I’d have gone if it wasn’t my career, but holding a family together takes work”, said Ray Mirra.

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Passion For Sports

After finding the art of writing, which later become his profession, Mirra always have had a strong passion for literature. Even in school days he had done a lot of writings. He has several pieces to showcase his writing skills. Being a sports writer and analyst is not an easy job. It needs the perfect mix and combination of personal traits, passion for sports. And a certain degree of expertise in writing to create the right kind of synergy. You should be able to balance sportsmanship, fun and entertainment. If you want to make sure people never get bored while reading/watching your work. Luckily, you are holding the right book in your hands.

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Ray Mirra Jr is an Author, Sportswriter and Radio Person, who also worked as a screenwriter. Apart from all the above professions he has worked as a sports director in WRTI; a public FM radio station in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia for consecutive four years. Ray Mirra always had a strong belief in consumer’s perception. His talent was not just limited to writing and he was ready to play with a phrase. And move it around to make a point. He was one the few sportswriters who created impact in the way a season is played and written about, read and enjoyed by others. Every year and every event or game needs to be discussed elegantly.

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ray Mirra

Sports Writer

You need a lot of analysis, thoughts, perspective, and information. But these things need to wrap up in just a few words to engage people. This is why you would often find sportswriters hanging out and analyzing games till late at night only to come up with an interesting piece for the next day’s newspaper. On the other side the writer has written stories for documentaries and television series on football programs.

Football is a popular sport, which is played in the United States of America and all over the world. It can be a career choice for men or women. Hard work, dedication and determination are some of the things needed when you want to play football at a professional level. Ray Mirra Jr has been involved with sports since long time ago. He was born in 1976, Philadelphia Pennsylvania in states of USA. Football players do not get fame and money immediately but they have to play on various grounds or stadiums to achieve this status. They have to listen their coach’s instructions, follow them, and if they do not follow then they will be fired from their team.

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