The advent of the Alongside Crypto Market Index (AMKT) marks a decisive moment in the evolution of the digital asset space. Conceived and brought to fruition by the innovative minds at Alongside, this index is the vanguard of a suite of products designed to offer investors a new and improved means of engaging with the crypto market.

At its core, the AMKT index endeavors to track the performance of the twenty-five most influential cryptocurrencies as determined by market capitalization. This, in turn, allows investors to partake in the potential rewards of this rapidly-growing sector, while also mitigating their risk exposure. The AMKT index is available for trade as an ERC-20 token on leading crypto exchanges, including and Uniswap.

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The introduction of the AMKT crypto index is only the opening act in Alongside’s ambitious plans for the crypto market. In the coming months, the company aims to launch a range of investment products that will provide investors with the versatility and flexibility they require in this ever-changing landscape. Whether through actively managed funds, managed portfolios, or access to the AMKT index itself, Alongside is committed to making the crypto market more accessible and user-friendly.

The popularity of passive investment in cryptocurrencies continues to escalate, and Alongside is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. The launch of the AMKT index represents a turning point for both the company and the industry at large, offering investors an easy and convenient means of accessing the crypto market. With such potential for growth and the convenience of passive investment, it is no surprise that the demand for cryptocurrencies is on the rise.

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