It is necessary to take care of the brand image in any sector as competition is very high in practically all economic areas. For this reason, everything you do to improve your brand image will be a great help to increase your turnover.

Translucent Papers

Translucent creative papers are very original and offer a lot of versatility since they offer different options such as combining different dimensions, adding layers, transparencies, overlaying images, and new realities.

Papers With Texture

These are ideal to stimulate the senses and, specifically, the sense of touch. By stimulating the senses, brands are able to improve the user experience and increase the brand’s reputation. With this type of paper, you can design multisensory business cards and differentiate them from the rest. 

The vast majority of cards that circulate are very similar and do not distinguish the company. Multi-sensory business cards, made from textured creative paper and multi-layered business cards, amaze the users.

Eco-Friendly Papers

Different studies have shown that many consumers have changed companies because they have found another that meets the same needs and does so with greater respect for the environment. Sustainability is becoming increasingly fashionable in our society, so using creative paper with eco-friendly connotations will convey positive values to customers.

These creative papers are either fully recycled or made from natural raw materials such as dry grass, wood fibers, or minerals and are free of contaminants such as cellulose or chlorine. These are the roles that companies that want to position themselves within the eco-friendly segment have to use in order to attract people.


Ultra-smooth papers are refined and offer the user a silky track and a high-quality finish. Many times in simplicity is the greatness and these papers are used by companies, precisely, to show elegance and simplicity at the same time. These are the main creative roles that can enhance your company’s brand image. You can find them at your trusted online printing company.

Metallic And Pearl 

Each color has certain connotations and, therefore, its choice is not a trivial issue for companies. Apart from the texture, the colors are also very important.  When choosing the color of the creative paper that will be used for company designs, the psychology of colors must be taken into account. In this sense, metallic or pearl creative papers are associated with luxury, sophistication, or premium. 

In this way, these types of papers are ideal for companies that offer products and services aimed at medium-high or high purchasing audiences.

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